App data Columns not showing after first entry


I can’t seem to figure out what is going on with my app data. When I create a new item on the preview screen, the app data refuses to show until I clear all data from the database and start afresh. The first data entry always shows but subsequent ones do not.

Is there something I am not doing right? Please help! A screen capture is attached to show what I mean.

Hi there, @monyeraph… if I understand your post correctly, a new thing is successfully created in the Homes data type every time, but the associated fields are only populated for the first thing that is created? Can you share some screenshots of your workflow for creating a thing in that data type?


Yes, you are right. It’s a property listing, so a new home is created once a user enters an address and as the user progresses in filling data, the workflow is set to make a change to the home. The issue is when the first home is created, all the app date shows but when subsequent homes are created, it doesn’t update all the app data like it did when the first home was created. Should I delete all items on the app data and create a new home again, it shows everything and so the cycle continues. The implication is that users will list a home and the data would not be captured after the first listing.

Screenshots are as below.

Thank you for responding to this, I am grateful.