App Date - Change a date's time with another time from a different column


Sorry for the confusing title :slight_smile:

I have separate date and hour columns. Is there a way to reflect the Hour column to the Date column so I can show it to the Full Calendar with the correct time instead of getting 12:00 am always?

I appreciate any response. Thanks in advance!

Assuming the Hours field is a text, you can simply split it by :

Then take the date and change the hours to the first item of the split text, and change the minutes to the last item of the split text.

Thanks, Adam but I’m too much of a newbie to breakdown your suggestion. Would you be able to provide an example and where should I add it in?

The Hours field is from a repeating group cell derived from an Option Set.

Well it depends what you’re trying to do…

But just change the date/time picker’s value’s hours and minutes to the values derived by splitting the Option Set value’s display by : (using first and last item for the hours and minutes accordingly), when storing the value in your database.

Of course, you could just add those as number attributes in the option set itself so there would be no need to split the text - but it might not be worth the extra effort…

I’m having difficulties doing this but I guess I just need to study Bubble more to get this working. Thanks for the suggestions! This is really appreciated :slight_smile:

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