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App deployment similar to "Deploy" by Copilot?

Does anyone know of a similar service that offers app deployment (with OneSignal push messaging) similar to @copilot 's “Deploy” service? They’re not accepting any new deployments, so I’m looking for some options.

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Check out thunkable
Or glide
Or Adalo

If you choose to go with thunkable i can help walk you through the process

Nobody should pay so much to deploy!

Whoa! Fn awesome. I’ll look into’em! Thanks a trillion!

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There’s nothing wrong with that business model, btw, I just tend to be a do it myself kind of guy whenever I can

Thanks for the suggestions, what you’ve listed seem to be “Bubble for apps”. I already have a web app (built in Bubble) and am looking to wrap it in WebView with some of the features that Copilot features, ultimately releasing it in the Play/App stores.

Definitely not. I know for sure that thunkable allow you to create and publish native apps to the store that wrap your app in a web view. I’m not 100% sure about glide and adalo both

I know for sure because I’ve done it

Omg you’re right! I literally using my Bubble app as an Android app right now!

Some issues with (mic) permissions and I’m not sure how I’ll get push notifications but this is certainly a big step closer!

Built in feature with Thunkable. Just enter your OneSignal api key!

So I simply setup OneSignal within Bubble and it passes through the Thunkable app?