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App developer needed to develop app that utilises cloud storage

So what I’m looking for is the following,

  • A login application to approve users
  • Application to allow engineer to accept a inspection or change inspection date and for this to be know via notifications being sent via email
  • Application to allow to post inspections and to accept the engineers change of date if this is done, also to send notification to necessary parties to show that inspection has been requested
  • Process to let users access certain files in cloud storage such as by search so that people can copy or print all files selected
  • If possible when creating a new inspection request that the person can choose a gps location and allow him to pick numbers from a list and update that list once inspections are done

Email at [email protected] as I am not always on the site.

Hey Craig! Would love to talk more about this, feel free to send me a private message :slight_smile:

Hi Codurly,

So nice to hear from you.

Could you please call me on my skype when you’re ready?


Thanks so much.

Hi Craig,

I have send you Mail on your Mail ID and a Skype request as well.