App disappeared completely in simple handoff - show stopping bug

We have been working on our first bubble app. My junior dev. Kevon, attempted to hand his work off to me yesterday, and all his work just disappeared! He didn’t make a backup copy of the app prior, and that will NEVER happen again, but that leaves our fate completely in your hands.


The bug report has been submitted. Is there any escalation process in terms of support?

Currently our app development is COMPLETELY halted because of this major bug. Essentially, a transfer of ownership from one paid user (me, dev) to another paid user (senior dev) did not successfully copy over all of the app logic. We both have the agency plan. All design elements, workflows, all of my work appears to have been lost. The only things there are the default bubble app components. What is an ETA for resolution? We really need this issue resolved as soon as possible.

On April 28, 2021, 2:21 PM EDT wrote:

Issue when the user is build an app

Priority: Production app is completely broken

Reliably reproducible: yes

If unreliable, time window of bug:

Mode: Edit mode

OS: MacOS ()

Browser: Chrome ()

App: kevon-new-bubble-app (

version: test (get_app kevon-new-bubble-app test both)



Plugin editor:

Run mode link:

Email/password: /

I attempted to transfer an app to a senior developer on my team. We both have the agency plan. The transfer logic appeared to function, and he received the app, however everything was missing. All of the pages, workflows, absolutely all of my work was completely gone, only leaving the default bubble pages/elements. There were no errors or warnings in the process, and this has now halted all of the development of the app for a client. Please advise what can be done ASAP.

Step-by-step instructions:
Transferring the app to another user (both paid)

Error code:

https: / https:


Hey there @dsjosephson,

From my experience it usually takes Bubble Support from a few hours to a day to both investigate then respond and escalate if a bug is found.

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