App forum not displaying user's name

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This is my first forum post.

(Context): I’ve been using bubble for 1-2 months now and have built a community job-seeker platform for coding bootcamp grads looking for their first jobs. It’s called Ascending. I’ve built functionality for a forum post where people can ask for help, find encouragement, and share tips but have run into the following problem:

(Issue): Both posting and commenting currently work but the name of the original poster (OP) or for commenters does not consistently show. The forum only displays your name if you are logged in and looking at a post you made or commented on.

(FYI): I structured it based on

Has anyone else also run into this issue? Would love solutions :slight_smile:

(P.S. happy to share screenshots if helpful)


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Yes…Knowing how you have it setup is the first step to determining the issue…like starting a car for a mechanic to listen to start their ‘investigation’ to finding the issue.

Might be associated with privacy rules.

Thanks for the reply, @boston85719.

First screen shot is for page: “all_discussions.” Image #1 is the bubble design page. I have emphasized/clicked the visual element titled, “(parent group’s discussions’s creator’s) first-name.”

Image #2 is the live page, which is not displaying the “(parent group’s discussions’s creator’s) first-name” in the top left corner of the post. (SN: You can also view this live page at:

Additionally, the same issue occurs when you click into a specific discussion’s page. See below, same format, the bubble design page “discussion-page:”

With the live page screenshot here:

I would appreciate any feedback/ thoughts on if my explanation makes sense and how I can clarify anything else.

Had the same problem before and it was all related to privacy rules.
Go to the database tab and check the permission of your User data type and :white_check_mark: all the fields you are having trouble with.


This was it! Thank you @design.agx!! I really appreciate it :pray:

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You welcome!! Glad it helped :slight_smile:

That was frustrating problem to deal with. Glad I found this post! Thanks alot @design.agx

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Glad it helped!
I know it’s frustrating, I tried other complex solutions before doing this with privacy rules.
Hope it will help more people :slight_smile: