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App has slow response

is it me, or the apps are slow when involving user-to-user interaction?

Can you provide a specific example? What are you trying to do, how is it set up, what are you experiencing?

when user send notification to another, an icon supposed to show up - like facebook notifications.
but sometimes it works fine, and sometimes it takes like 30 seconds.

the bigger issue is when the 2 users are chatting - sometime the message update is very slow, like mentioned.
my app based on live interaction, so i cannot afford it to be so slow.

i have 1 page with groups show-hidden system

Are you testing it on your deployed (production) app? Or on preview?

on live preview.

There are several reasons why things could be slower than desired, and it generally depends on how you have your data set up. Can you share a link to your editor so we can see how you’re saving/creating/calling the data in the app?

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