App Help: Calculation in repeating group!

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Bubble and need some advice as to whether what I am planning is possible and if so some pointers of how to do it!

I am building a careers web app for construction workers.

The site will hopefully work as follows:

  1. A candidate signups up and they rate themselves on a scale 1-10 on 10 skills. Saved in a database as “candidates skills”.

  2. When a worksite has a vacancy, they set the importance of each of the different skills (saved in a database as “job requirements”, each job will have its own requirements saved).

  3. Employers can search with the database with “job requirements” being attached (in some form) to the search (applied as conditions of search)?

  4. A full list of all relevant workers will appear in a repeating group.

  5. In the repeating group along with their name and profile picture, there is an additional piece of data that shows how good a fit they are for the role, the “fit score”. This is calculated using the “job requirements” and “candidates skills”

  6. It’s a fairly basic formula. Multiplying the importance of the skill by the candidate’s score for each skill and add them up to get a total score.

Is this possible and what’s the best way for it to be completed?

Is it possible for the “fit score” to be calculated in a variable in a repeating group, using 2 dynamic data inputs?

Or should every job save the “fit score” of every relevant candidate be saved in the database and pull the data?

Or another way?

This needs to be scalable up to 50k candidates and 1k job posts. Will be great to hear your thoughts!

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