App Icon Help! (Digital Business Card)

Hello, I began learning Bubble about 2 months ago so I am very new!

I am trying to build out a digital business card web app where people can add a profile photo, name, bio, etc. and select app icons to add their url’s. Then the personal info and app icons will be displayed on their public profile where icons can be clicked to the external url.

I was able to create RG with App title and url inputs to be displayed but I was looking for a way for users to only have to select the app icon then input their url. Does anyone have a solution or any apps I can look at workflows?


Use an RG with predefine icons (OPTION SET) and let the user select any icon

Make Another data table for “User App”'s of User with “App Icon” → Linked to option set, Url, Name etc
Then User Profile link to–> “User App”

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