App is displaying data that is not listed

My App is displaying data that is not listed. The App provides a form for users to list cars. When a user selects make of a car from a dropdown, a dropdown with corresponding models shows from which the user selects the model s/he wishes to list. The problem is that model names of all the cars in the App are displayed in the RG even when only one model is listed as per the white car in the screenshot. Any idea on how to fix this?

Hey there @jpeangeles,

Can you provide screenshots of the issue you’re experiencing?

Thanks for responding to my issue Johnny and please find the screenshot attached. As you can see on the blue print in the screenshot, the app is displaying model names of all car makes in the app database whereas only one model name was selected for listing. On the first car for example, it should rather display GMC and 300C not pulling all other car models.