App Launch: Prime Reels

I am very excited to announce the official launch of our new App Prime Reels.
Prime Reels

Prime Reels is an online movie release platform . It is the first OTT platform in India, exclusively dedicated to screening Malayalam Language Movies.

Evey one kindly look into it and post some honest opinion about the site.

Also We had a great time building this and I want to thank everyone in the community for their help in the forums


Wow! This looks incredible! Really nice job with the design.

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Good job! May I ask how you’re streaming the videos? I’m in the process of researching this for an education platform that we are developing.

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Streaming Via video cloud (jw player)

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I see, do you use a particular cloud hosting?

Didn’t understand cloud hosting for what?

Are you hosting your videos inside Bubble?

Nope it’s in Video cloud by Jw player

Awesome, much appreciated. I was looking into Sprout Video the other day but will certainly have a look at JW Player!

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