App loads wrong page first

I’ve got an “on page load” action which navigates users to the welcome page if they’re not logged in.
But the page they’re not supposed to see loads anyway, and then after a second it navigates to the correct welcome page.

How do I get it to redirect to the welcome page before it displays the page the user isn’t supposed to see?

The way I understand, the “on page load” event triggers after the page has finished loading. You’re basically saying, “Once all this has loaded, if the user isn’t logged in, take them over there.”

I’ve used 2 methods of addressing this in the past, neither of which seem great to me, but both of which work. BTW, I’m assuming this issue is most pressing when someone navigates directly to, so that’s the perspective I’m coming from here.

The first method, I have the index page totally empty with an On Page Loaded event. If user is logged in, go to Page A. If user is not logged in, go to Page B.

The second method is to put EVERYTHING on the page in a group, and have it hidden by default. Then, in the On Page Load event, have the first action be to navigate them to Page B if not logged, and the second action to show the hidden content on the page.

Neither option strike me as good options, but they both have the desired effect.


Does the event “when user is logged in (once)” fire sooner? I’m guessing it waits until the user info has loaded, so it can evaluate the condition.

Safari used to have issues with this method, has this been resolved?

On your first question, I do not know, but maybe abtest is in order.

For your second question, I’m also unsure. I never use Safari, and don’t officially support it or Edge/IE for my apps. My users need to use Chrome or Firefox, otherwise I don’t guarantee performance or reliability.

Cool, thanks, I’m trying that architecture now. I’ve got a blank index page that redirects to the real pages. Doesn’t seem to have made anything worse.

Curious if it has an effect on SEO and such.

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