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App organization: data to table and then to chart

Hi Bubblers. This is probably a very basic question.

Is it possible to do this sequence:

  • upload data
  • display all or some (based on user selection) of the data in the table plugin
  • allow a user to make a selection on some columns and values to either chart with the chart plug-in or initiate an API call

If the third one is not possible, what’s a good way to allow the user to select some columns to do the next thing: API call for something or charting? I can see from other posts that a chart could use an API call as its data source. Thanks!

Edit: I think right now we cannot allow the user to upload a csv and map that data dynamically to the app. I could do that with some code but then I’m not sure how to link the rest of my Bubble functionality to this code. If there is some way I can link the file upload to an API call to my code, that could work? Anyone know if I could do that? Thanks!