App Patching across multiple apps

I have been reading up on Sub Apps and I think I understand them enough to know they aren’t exactly what I am looking for, so I was wondering it anyone (from Bubble or in general) can educate me on this.

In previous dev environments I have found it useful to have an existing set of utilities, pages, code, database designs, stored procedure, etc.that I started every project off with. It might consist of functionality for user management, role management, permissions, logging, admin consoles, etc. I have found that I would save a lot of time by starting off with a framework and then modifying as needed per project.

If I wanted to do this, and I never expected to change the base application, then it sounds like subapps could be the way to go. I would create the base app, copy it to a subapp at the start and then never update the subapp. The problem is, over time you find bugs to fix in the base app, or you add a new feature to it, etc.

In other environments I could evaluate the change and decide if it could simply be a patch or if it would require custom updating for each application based on it AND I could JuSt deploy the code associated with the base functions to each subapp and not wipe out all the custom work,

If I read correctly, this is not what would work for Bubble. If I redeployed the base app, all my extra pages, workflow, etc. would be wiped out. Is this correct?

If so, does anyone know of a way to patch code in Bubble? To make a simple example, if all of my apps contained a logging table and logging workflows that were the same in each app, and I wanted to change the workflows, it there a way to not have to manually update every app it was based on?