App pauses for 10 seconds at around 30 seconds after loading it

Hey all just wondering if anyone has any advice on tracking down a bug in my app that causes it to pause.
It seams no workflows are running and it’s not when I click on anything. It will do it even if I just leave the app sit.
Nothing is going on in the debugger its a total mistery.

Do some of the experts know anyway I can see what it going on

Have you checked your browser’s Dev tools?

Hey Scott thanks for the reply for what and where would I look?

IHey @chad before worrying about the dev tools, have you tried in all the major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari…)

Is this a one page app?

Does it occur on a particular page load? (try other pages if not a one page app.)

Does it effect the performance? (CPU, capacity etc.)

Are tthere any errors showing in the App editor?

Document as much testing as possible and if that process doesn’t help isolate the issue, reach out to Bubble for help.

It maybe a database query issue or a bug, but do the above first before contacting Bubble.

Hey guys thanks for the help. I found the issue it was the search and autocorrect plugin loading in the background.
Tricky one but I found it

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