App Permission Transfer

I know that I will take advantage of the collaboration feature of the paid plan when transferring a site.

I know this is a way to be an editor at the same time, but is it fully transferable?

If I quit the paid plan after one month, I want to make sure that only the person who was a co-editor, not me, can run it from two months later.

Not 100% sure, but I believe you’d need to transfer payment rights, or the person that makes the payments before you transfer the app. Anyone correct me if I’m wrong. @eve can you confirm?

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Hey folks!

The app owner will be the person paying for the app’s subscription; if you were the owner and you cancelled the subscription, you will be the only user with access to the app. However, you can certainly transfer an app to a new owner on a Hobby plan.


Thank you for your answer.
So the person who should subscribe is the next owner.

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