App Plan Change- Does it affects performance?

I’m currently on the professional plan, but I don’t really need it for now. I have like 100 users per day, and way too much capacity as you can see in the screenshot. If I change to personal plan, what are the impacts? Is the performance going to be negatively affected?

Hi there, @leduc-marc… nobody can tell you if the performance of your app will be “negatively affected” by switching to the personal plan because we don’t know what your app does and what it means for 100 users to be using it on a daily basis (and even if we did know those things, we still couldn’t tell you with any degree of certainty). The only thing that can be said is that by moving to the personal plan, you will have less capacity, but again, there is no way for anyone in the forum to know how that will impact your app.

It might be worth reaching out to Bubble support to see if they can provide any insight and/or you could simply downgrade to the personal plan and monitor your capacity very closely for the first couple/few days to see what it looks like. If you see a capacity-related impact, you could add additional units on the personal plan or bump back up to the professional plan.

Anyway, just some food for thought there, and I hope it helps.



Thank you. Just downgraded to the personal plan and performance doesn’t seem affected.

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