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App Search Tool Not Functioning Properly

I’m searching for the trigger of a custom event on the page…App tool shows no uses of this, despite the fact that it is

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 7.46.31 PM

Pretty disappointing that this doesn’t work properly because it is helpful when functioning to find things, but also to know what can be deleted and what can not.

Can only imagine how terrible the ‘optimize application’ process would work as I’m sure it relies on the same app search functionality, so it would end up deleting things in use.


If this issue is legit, it might explain how a reusable element that was actually being used got deleted (in an app on which I’m a collaborator). It’s a bit too early with too little data to tell for sure right now, but it’s disconcerting to say the least.

Did you report this issue?

Ooohhh good to know because I was just about to try the ‘optimize application’ function to do some tidying up - might do it manually instead :grimacing:

No, it was something that I didn’t want to slow down my development for. Just had to spend more time to use the debugger step by step to try and find the trigger. I knew the custom event was getting triggered, just not where.

I’ve had things get deleted that were being used. I reported it and was informed they fixed the issue.

I now will create a save point before I use the optimize application function because on one occasion, things that were in use got deleted causing an app with zero issues in the issue checker to rack up over 80 issues after the ‘optimization’.

If I have no issues after optimizing, I still click through every page and reusable element because sometimes the issue checker lags and doesn’t catch all issues unless you navigate to a page where they exist but have not been registered by the issue checker yet.

Call me paranoid, but I also export the application (SettingsGeneralExport application) before performing a major operation like that.


Oi! If I wanted to perform like a monkey, I’d have joined a circus. :monkey: :smirk:

If that’s what it takes to ensure app integrity, though, surely there’s a way to automate the process. I’ll have to give it some thought. :thinking:

Thanks for the info!


This is one of the really frustrating things I’ve found - you’ll randomly go to edit a page that hasn’t needed updating for a while to suddenly have an issue pop up.

Save points are one of my most favourite things - especially when I was a new bubbler!

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