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App store clarification

Ok, so I see often where people say you HAVE to make a single page app to submit to the app store. My question is are people saying this from experience?

I recently released an app on the app store, was just testing but was a bit surprised when it got approved. This “app” was built with wordpress and has atleast 10 different pages, I just used a web wrapper to convert, and everything works fine.

So is the single page just a recommendation??

I also see confusing information about payments through apps from my understanding if you are selling digital products or subscriptions you have to use in-app purchising which a % goes to apple but if you are selling a physical product you can include services such as paypal or stripe into you app.

Yes, faster but just a recommandation.

You right about physical product, you can link other payment provider. Apple make their verification also :wink: