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App testversion not launching, what's up?

I can log into editor and do stuff, but none of my browsers show it up on the screen, bubble app doesn’t load, the page is served with empty body. And the console shows this pic:

Did I break something with my site or did you with yours?

On a related note, this appeared at about the same time:

Where should I start troubleshooting?

Well you should fix the Todo list item, that’s an issue with your app. Which URL are you opening when the console shows an error?

Fixed the error. And the same error goes for any url. Tried even removing the new login popup from other pages to isolate if it were its problem. To no avail - still blank screen. Live site is fortunately up and running…
Judging by the error there seems to be a syntax bug somewhere but that’s something I can’t check out as it’s in your system.

You should fix your Google Analytics key (see attached). That’s where the error in the console is from. Be careful when you copy paste keys :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh-kay. Oops.
Well good that it got sorted, thanks a ton!

No problem. Generally speaking, if you see a console error that is very early in the code (in this case it was line 5), it’s worth clicking on it and trying to see where that is. That’s how i saw it was an issue with GA.

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Ok, good to know