App that notifies people by push or email on demand

I want to develop an app where users can log in and set their on duty times and their notification (eg travel etc) times, so that when a manager sees that a job is coming up they can input the job time and the users are notified (by email, or push notification, instigating an alarm) on their device. For example we have 5 users on ‘on call’ night duty between 10pm and 10am. At 1am the manager sees that there is a job for all of them to do at 5am so sets the 5am alarm. Those that live 50 minutes from work had set a 90min notification alarm and therefore were woken at 3:30am and replied by pressing a button, or by emailing a specified email, which stopped them getting any more notifications (and let their boss know they were aware). Those that live next door to work had set a 30min notification alarm and were woken at 4:30am and replied in the same way as the others.

Currently our staff are called at the time the manager finds out there is a job, then they go back to sleep until they need to get up for the job - this causes issues for staff (and spouse)'s sleeping pattern.

Many thanks for your help.

Hey @b_a_liddle! What you try to accomplish is definitely doable using bubble. Like you mentioned before smooth communication can be created using native push notifications.

Are those jobs regular shifts or more like a fixed jobs?

I have couple native apps I can show some of the features what you can build.

Let me know if you want to have a chat. I’m happy talk about your project.

Hi @boostsalesgroup,

The ‘on call’ shifts are regular but the staff don’t need to be in for the start of these. If there is a job that starts within their shift then they need to come in (and may work past the end of their shift until it is completed.

Many thanks