App to Tidy up User Data

I’m new to and looking for a project to use to get my head around it.

I have a data extract from an old CRM that has some data quality issues (this is in Excel format) I would like to build a dashboard that can report on how many are missing emails or phone numbers etc, maybe be able to filter on a few different columns, then as the data is updated you can refresh the dashboard.

How easy or hard will this be and does anyone have any pointers where to start ?

Many thanks in advance

This is easy, but if you’re looking to learn Bubble just go watch the Getting Started video and watch (and ideally follow along with) the excellent “Building Your First App” video found on this page:

Doing the interactive “lessons” found there is also highly recommended so that you understand some of the basic techniques you will use constantly in Bubble.


@keith thank you for your advice, I will take a look at that as it sounds just what i’m looking for, I wanted to know where the best resource is.

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