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App where users can sign into external services

So i want users to sign into the basic app but once they sign in or create a profile they can then sign into 3rd party services etc. Like how in Sonos people can sign into spotify, apple music etc. Can that be done? if so how?

Yes, perfectly possible.

Most of these type of things using something called “OAUTH” - which is just one of those boxes you will have seen if you sign up to something using Google or Facebook or Twitter accounts asking you if you want to allow something access to your account.

Once signed up in this way, your Bubble App can then run API calls to get data from your Account.

There are already a couple of Plugins that do the OAUTH part for you, and have some API calls already. That would be a good start.

It is fairly technical to set up, so ask for help if needed :slight_smile:

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