App with S3 and 3rd party server integration


I’m looking for a developer to help me creating an app but I would like first to double check if this is feasible with Bubble.

Here are some details

My application collects data from devices (received on a 3rd party 2nd server).

The setup would be Bubble server / frontend to allow clients to create accounts and the 2nd server to receive the devices data and process it.

To process data, the 2nd server either needs to be able to query the Bubble db (which is not possible I think?) or to import/receive this db, or to have a CSV sent to the 2nd server (but not manually, it has to be done automatically/by cron job)

(The 2nd server runs several scripts to process the data) and then I need to save the data from my 2nd server to AWS S3 (or others) and my client should be able to download this data from their Bubble account.

I can push the data from the 2nd server to S3, but then a mechanism is needed to have the data uploaded to S3 linked to each client own account. We need to match each file with each account and keep security (S3 URL not displayed to the client).

These are the “fundamentals” and the perhaps the most critical parts of the App

Please let me know if you could help


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Hey Rock Peach,

I work at The Upstarters and I have just sent you a private message.

Look forward to chatting to you,


Hi @RockPeach

I can help. Please check the PM.


Thanks, any chance you could tell me first if these requirements are achievable?


Yes, if I understand your requirements correctly, all of that can be accomplished. Including querying your Bubble database from outside.

Give me a call to discuss. My information is in my profile.


Sounds quite possible.

Will be happy to give you a hand there.

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Zeroqode What?

Hi everyone, thanks for the answers. I’m working on wireframes and will come back to you when it’s ready - probably in a few weeks

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