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App wrapper vs. native app - thoughts for 2019?

Hi folks,

I’m about to start work on a mobile app but am still undecided on the best route forward after searching the forum. (I’d like to use Bubble for at least the back-end but am not wedded to it.)

Have you created a mobile app with low/no code? If yes, what do you consider the pros and cons of using an app wrapper vs. a native app?

And what about tool choices (e.g. Web2App vs. GoNative, Thunkable vs. Dropsource)?

Any help is much appreciated… and feel free to tag any threads I’ve missed!


P.S. I’d like to access native functionality like push notifications.

I recommend to use bdk native service to wrap up your bubble app, it includes plugins for bubble including push notif via one signal, its pretty easy to set up


This one?

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Thanks. Out of interest, why would you recommend wrapping over something like Thunkable for the front-end and connecting it with Bubble for the back-end? Is it purely for ease?

This wrapper is free. If you are building a single page in Bubble with multiple hidden groups, you will have an application that closely resembles the native. With Jasonelle open source, you send the app to Apple and Android only once to be accepted. You don’t have to compile after each time you have a change. Then all changes are made in Bubble or in a json configuration file (a batch file). Also we are building new features for Bubble and Jasonelle to easily add native functions.


Thanks John, I’ll give it whirl

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If bubble goes offline. Will the app work at that time during the outage?

Hi @nocodeventure,


Hi there, I would suggest for a no-code alternative with semi native result.
You can choose between two different ready native layouts and link them to your web app in 2 steps (you can configure every single screen) and customize the look and feel.

To have a preview you can download the demo:

Robust and 100% native structure with guaranteed acceptance (Google play ready build), swipe right to open slider menu, tap header to refresh.
There is a dedicated topic on bubble for further details.