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Appearance Tab, changes the Conditions tab values

Something to be aware of, I have just raised a Bug Report for this, but it caught me out a few times until I worked out what was going on, my elements were never appearing!

When you set 2 conditions on an element to be visible or not depending on some condition, e.g. record count from a search, and then set the visible on Page Load on the appearance tab to unchecked, it also changes the conditions on the Condition tab.

It is worth checking when you change the value on the Appearance tab, to check any conditions you may have set on the Conditions tab.

I captured this on a animated gif for info…

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I’ve never thought of this as a bug for some reason. I’ve gotten used to checking back on the conditions to re-check visibilities because the reset actually seems justified…

If by default you do not want the element to be visible on page load, the conditions of when you do want visibility on may change. Also, initial conditional values tend to take on the default values or styles. At least from my experience, they usually do. Another example is a background color. If you set a condition to change color, the color presented at first will be whatever the element’s non-conditional bg color is.

I can see how the visibility change can be a cumbersome extra step and often go missed though. I’ve been tripped up by it myself.

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We’ll push a fix today.


Thanks, @emmanuel.