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Appenate and Bubble


I am looking for someone to help me integrate Appenate and Bubble through the API feature.

We currently use Appenate for its offline capabilities, and this integrates with our back-end system (not currently built on bubble). I understand that Bubble does not have such an offline feature. Therefore, I want to rebuild our back-end system on Bubble and retain the features we use on Appenate.

The first stage of this develpoment should be failry straight forward for someone who has worked with Bubble’s API functionality. I need Bubble to expose the data from one data table in the correct format for Appenate to read it (Appenate has a specific JSON structure). I then need to be able to send a request back to Bubble which will initiate a workflow that will update the data in a table.

This is art of large project and I would like the chosen developer to show me how this is achieved, and work alongside me as I continue to further develop my application.



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@howardgreenmanlawnca, did you ever figure this out. Appenate is a great too but their API requirements don’t work well with Bubble. I’m in the same situation as you.