Appending text to the end of a file


I’ve been slowly building out a simple writer’s exercise app, and I’m currently allowing users to download what they write as a .txt file (using the brilliant Text File Conjurer plugin).

For the next phase, I’m keen to allow users to save their writing, in-app, adding each new exercise to the larger whole.

I imagine this working as something like an ‘append’ method in Python, where a user logs in for the first time, creating a txt file, which is then associated with their account. Each time they log in and write, the new writing is appended to the end of that same file, and whenever they like they can download that core file containing each of their writings.

I’ve looked around to see if there was an obvious way to do this, but there either isn’t, or I’m overlooking something (I hope it’s the latter).

Any insights/advice would be appreciated! The app in its current incarnation can be found at

Also: thanks to everyone who’s posting on this forum! I’ve already learned a lot by reading your posts.

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