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Dear Bubble community

I need your advice and support.

I have developed an App for a year, integrated THE BDK native features (very efficient by the way) and I’m happy with it.

Yesterday I submitted the app on APPLE APP STORE and BANG! The app is Rejected…

Reason1: In-app purchase products have not been submitted for review.

Reason2: Design - Sign in with Apple.

  • We noticed that your app uses a third-party login service but does not offer Sign in with Apple.
  • To resolve this issue, please revise your app to offer Sign in with Apple as an equivalent login option.

Questions to the BUBBLE community

  1. How could I integrate APPLE IN APP purchase feature with BUBBLE?
  2. How to do a SIGN IN WITH APPLE feature such as Facebook or GOOGLE?

Is there someone who can help me and modify the BUBBLE project to make work IN-APP PURCHASE and APPLE SIGN IN. (*)

(*) I haven’t found any BUBBLE Plugin doing that.

Hope someone can assist me in solving these APPLE constraints.

Thanks in advance for your support.




Hi Pierre @3whiteshirts

You can remove the third party option (like facebook) or add the Apple Sign in as an additional option to sign in.

Thanks for the idea… But do you know how to setup the APPLE SIGN IN with Bubble? I don’t know how to use Java Script code within Bubble… and I’m not a developer.

My main concern is also about the IN APP PURCHASE … How to implement this feature with BUBBLE. I’m not a developer and have no idea how to do this without a BUBBLE PLUGIN.

Do you know someone who could help me on these two features?


Serious concerns of a nocoder, Bubble’s help needed to get this app successfully pass app store requirements

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I am new to Bubble and I am really excited to program a language training app with Bubble. My plan is to publish the App on the Apple Store with some in-App buying features.

Reading this thread makes me doubt that Bubble is capable of handling in-App purchases on Apple. Therefore, my question is: Can we integrate on Bubble in-App purchases on iOS?

Hi @Phil_der_Eine looks like @gaurav just pushed an update to bdk enabling in-app purchase for both ios and android.


Aha, thank you. I am trying to find the announcement. Could someone help me to find the details on this?

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:scream: :heart_eyes: :star_struck:


Haha @koechamos51,

You were pretty fast at observing that :smiley:

I haven’t made a formal announcement of the 1.7 release yet @Phil_der_Eine since I added more enhancements in addition to in app purchases. Just writing up docs about these. But yeah In-app purchases for iOS and Android are both supported. Demo is available to try in native -> features section :raised_hands:

@Lucien :smiley:


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Wow @gaurav i did not know you had such an app. You are my favourite plugin developer by far and your documentation is very detailed. Will be exploring this plugin!

For those who were finding what app he was referring to, go here : BDK Native Apps - Build before you buy

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Haha thank @loh.cher.e!

Yeah I’ve received feedback from quite a few people that I need to up my marketing game.
For interested folks, here is a page with links to all the things


If you’re looking for In-app purchases, you will probably find this guide that I prepared useful :slight_smile:
Also, the release notes & plugin docs are now complete


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To use your in app purchase plug-in, I need to also have the app compiled by you is that correct?

Or, am I able to just purchase the plug-in use the workflows, and then wrap the web app myself using some thing like thunkable or drop source?

Hey can someone help me with the workflow for in-app purchases in iOS?