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Application data structure

Im looking to make a beta application for my saas app

Every user has 2 available user types (Software users & Partners)

Anyone who wants to be a partner will be redirected from the landing page to an application page .

My idea was to break own the information into sections to make the application processing faster but is

Application Set up: All are Data groups with fields (Application is housing these data groups as one big data page)

Basic info (Located,Name, Type of industry of business)
Business info (Email, number, etc)
Personal (Owners name, contact,etc)
Application questions (Y/N section)

Is there a better alternative?

This depends on how many actual fields you have within these 4 sections.
If it is a lot (say more than 10 each), breaking these down would lead to more efficient DB functionality, especially when your number of Users grows.

I’d create 4 data types for each of these:

Each new application set up will create 1 new thing of each of these types and the Application Set Up data type would contain these 4 fields.

The DB stores these as references to those things
Application Set Up :

  • Basic Info (id)
  • Biz info (id)
  • Personal (id)
  • Application questions (id)

And now, referencing a field within any of these would be like ApplicationSetUpX's Basic Info's Name

By doing this, we get the DB to only load the records we need to access, avoiding loading the entire record each time.

Again, this really depends on how your app works. Keep in consideration how you might need to back reference from these values (for example, finding which ApplicationSetUp thing contains the record that has the Basic info’s Name as ‘Tom’).

Ranjit / Founder, Blur Apps
PM me any time for a more detailed discussion.

Im sorry to keep asking more questions, but this is how my back end is supposed to work, but it still needs a functional work flow

Im trying to create a dashboard (Admin only) how can I access dashboard access and how can I create a scalable DB?
The dashboard houses 2 user types- Wait list Customers & Business applications
All of the applications are sent to the dashboard through a repeating group.

Dashboard functions:

  1. Accept & decline different beta applications & declined businesses get sorted into a separate group (how to turn into Pending,Approved & Declined tab)
    2.Create a multiple lists of selected businesses & Export lists (Best method)
    2.Search through applications by 4 Data types or specific name
  2. Export the list of CUSTOMERS waiting on wait list
    4.Export different list of groups for

Thank you so much already for the help, I just hope this gives you more insight!