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Application/x-www-form-urlencoded Error

Hi everyone,

I am setting up some basic Stripe API calls, but I am getting this error.


There’s a couple of things in the forum about this but none of them have helped.

This is what my API looks like.

And if it’s relevant, it happens when trying to call a transfer (
I have managed to get a Stripe Express token working with the exact same header, so i’m a bit stumped as to why it doesn’t work with this call.

Any help appreciated.



Did you ever figure this out? I just hit this problem.

Hi Dominic,

I don’t think i ever got this working and decided to carry out transfers manually.


Same here with “Update a subscription” call to Stripe. Looks like Bubble API Connector doesn’t support x-www-form-urlencoded, only JSON and form-data. I checked Stripe.js 2 plugin code, in API calls section they have only GET calls, all POST calls they handle in Action section.

@emmanuel or anyone from Bubble team, is it difficult to add ‘x-www-form-urlencoded’ to Body type in API Connector plugin?


It does support it. Try:

  • Adding the header directly to the call rather than in the “shared headers” area
  • Checking the “querystring” option in your parameters


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Thanks Gaby (@romanmg), it worked!

I failed to mention that already tried Content-Type but didn’t think about checking “Queryst.” option - that was the missing bit. After working with Postman it’s an unexpected place to change body type settings.

If Bubble published their plugins’ source code, that’d make many things much easier. Hopefully, it’ll happen one day.

Thanks again!



Hey @romanmg @andrey_li ! I’m trying to achieve a similar POST call with Stripe Connect Accounts with an identity document but can’t seem to get this working. I’ve already managed to generate a Stripe ‘file’ token in another API call but now I’m simply trying to add that file token to the Stripe Connect Account. Seems like no matter if I add the parameter as a JSON sequence or simply in the ‘Parameter’ section it doesn’t seem to work? Thoughts?

And just to add to that - if I don’t include any JSON in the JSON box or any Parameters in the parameters section, I successfully get a Response of the current Connected Account with current values (see screenshot). The parameter I’m wanting to edit is the individual.verification.document.front