Apply filters on a search page only when button apply is clicked

Hi everyone,

I’m stuck again, maybe someone could help me. It would be very nice :slight_smile: !

I have a search page with location and date filters how is working fine, but i decided to add more filters with checkboxes.
for each checkbox i went on workflow tab and did two things :

when this checkbox “item type A” is checked -> display list in list of items :filtered -> add new constrain -> item type A = yes.
when this checkbox is unchecked -> clear the list in list of item.
It is working fine but only if you have one checkbox. Indeed, if you have two checkboxes or more and if you change your mind and uncheck a checkbox the all list is cleared no matter if other checkboxes are still checked…

so what i would like to do is create a “apply filters” button which as long as it’s not clicked, nothing happen…

I tried several things but nothing seems to work, each time i check or uncheck a checkbox, the list updates.

If someone could give me an advice on this one it would be a relief !

Thank you all !