Applying correct responsive settings to App

Hi all,

I have an App with pretty much all the content now, however I’m considering asking a freelancer to spend some time going through it and changing all the responsive setting to best practice. It’s just a website really at this stage, so all the typical sections like What we do, The Team, etc.

The app is currently optimised for desktop (1280px wide), and normally I would then duplicate the pages for mobile, resize everything to fit 340pm, and point the main page to the mobile page. No idea if this is the best way to go so also looking for some guidance on this also.

For context, for someone who’s really skilled up on the new responsive setting, it may only be a day or two worth of work, though I appreciate it’s hard to know for sure.

Does anyone have capacity to disucss this?


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Hi, I’m Cliff and I am a #nocode software developer, start-up founder, and entrepreneur. For the past 3 years, I have been working as a Bubble developer and coach, sharing my knowledge and passion for building tech products using bubble’s intuitive #nocode platform. I help startups and individuals build, improve and scale their MVPs.

Here is my portfolio

Get in touch and let’s setup a free consultation to talk about you project.

Hi Rob. Sent you a dm :slight_smile:

Hi Rob!

I can help you with this task. Could you provide more details, please?

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Hi Rob!

Happy to help & collaborate. I have as well as front-end coding experience. Since I have just started to look for freelance gigs, I would be able to start immediately.

Look forward to connect!
Meenal Malhotra