Appointment booking API

Hi all, I am looing for an API that we can use to allow two groups of users to schedule appointments. Ideally, the one user would make available a number of appointment times and the other user would accept one. This would then generate a ics or similar file to create a meeting invite in each of the users diaries (Outlook or otherwise). Is the Calendly API the best option or another option?

I don’t know of an API for Calendly.

I did build a clone of Calendly which is available as a template.

It is a near exact replica of Calendly, minus group meetings and payment integration…it also includes a bonus Google Calendar Clone. The template doesn’t require any paid plugins, but it does make use of a Karma ware plugin by another developer.

This template can be integrated into existing projects.

It comes with all the necessary emails with ics files attached.

Calendly may be a good option as they would handle all the Email authentication stuff if you wanted an easy way to have calendar integrations with Outlook, Google Cal, iCal, etc.

Or like Boston mentioned you could build out the scheduling part into your application using parts from his template or using this plugin: New Plugin: TopCal - Dates, Ranges and Time Slots
In both of these options you would still need to build out the Authentications to Google, Outlook, etc if you needed the calendars to ‘sync up’

Hey @gf_wolfer!
I just got the TopCal plugin but I’m having problems to copy the “COPY Calendar Elements” in the “Combine Available Times and Filter Out Booked Times” section. Do you have any clue why is this happening? Because it doesn’t copy anything even the elements.


I am unsure about an issue copying it. Are you maybe copying the elements to the new responsive page? Maybe the copy and paste function isn’t working in that instance

Hey @gf_wolfer!

I was trying to copy in google chrome and I couldn’t, so I tried in safari and it worked!
Thank you.