Approaching 200 signups to

Currently at 193 signups to my little tool , which makes it quick and easy to find (and re-find) curated quality resources for answering build problems.

Other stats:

  • Price: FREE

  • Resources: 487

  • Link Click actions so far: 1916 [ each one saved someone time]

  • Chrome extension for the Bubble editor has over 155 active weekly users.

Full independent review here: FindNocodeInfo - Demo - YouTube

11 testimonials on the landing page from Bubble experts such as Gregory John, Andrew Vernon, Neil Pierce and Matt Neary.

Would love your feedback. The goal is to make this as useful as possible for the community.

Please tell your Bubble friends, share the love, get you some free time back, learn new things, speed up your build, find that gold.


Congrats @marty.lindsay :slight_smile:

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