"Apps Built" Metric on Agency Profiles - a question for agencies

Hi everyone,

I’d like to bring up a discussion about the “Apps Built” metric on our Bubble agency profiles.

Currently, it only counts apps that are initially created by an agency and later transferred to clients. However, this seems to overlook a common scenario where a client starts an app (sometimes just an empty shell or a simple page) after which an agency is added as a collaborator to fully develop the application.

This metric, as it stands, does not reflect active involvement many of us have in building and scaling these apps, especially when we continue to add features as the live app grows alongside the client’s business. As a result, even agencies with significant experience and contributions might show a misleading zero or very low number on their “Apps Built” count. This could potentially affect our credibility and business opportunities.

I’ve tried reaching out to the Bubble partnership team to discuss potential adjustments to this metric, for example renaming it to “Apps initiated by the agency” and/or to propose alternative metrics that could more accurately reflect our contributions, such as “Projects Contributed To.” Unfortunately, I’ve got no response yet.

I’m curious to hear from others in the community:

  • Have any of you faced similar challenges with how your agency’s work is represented?
  • How do you feel it impacts your agency’s visibility or client perceptions? How have you addressed it?
  • Any suggestions on how we might get a metric that better reflects our contributions?

Looking forward to your thoughts and discussion.

If you’ve collaborated on an paid app for more than 50 days in the current year it is added to your agency profile count

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Never knew this, that’s a good mechanic @jahanzeb.khn07 :+1:


Same I recently read the tier list criteria.
You can take a look at it here

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I’m not convinced this is being tracked correctly. Only the revenue counts, but it’s not added to the converted apps number.

I’ll bring this up to the team, trying to learn more about this

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Correct, we currently track revenue after 50+ days of collaboration, but it’s currently not counted in your profile stats. We plan to address this in the future (either combining “apps built” and “apps worked on” in a single metric or two seperate metrics)


Very good, thank you!

It’s not, unfortunately. I have a project in active support for 2+ years, and it’s not counted.

Thank you, please keep us updated

but it’s currently not counted in your profile stats. We plan to address this in the future (either combining “apps built” and “apps worked on” in a single metric or two seperate metrics)

That would be great! Do you have ETA for this update?

The current metric name is misleading and doesn’t accurately represent an agency’s experience. In our case this has already raised questions from potential clients, and we might be losing opportunities due to this incomplete information.

@theo.goldberg The 50+ days metric works well if you’re building internal tools for big corporations but, for builders making small scope MVPs this would not count any of them.

As a developer I can’t really go and ask the client to keep me as a collaborator till x date after delivering the app since I would now want to move forward with other projects.

The ecosystem team plans to update the agency program in Q3, and I am pushing for it to be on top of the list. While I cannot give you an exact timeline, I’m advocating for us to make this change soon! There is some technical complexity involved since we need to calculate the number of apps that meet the 50+ day criteria in the Bubble codebase (Bubble editor) and send that information to Bubble.io (a Bubble app), making this a non-trivial update.

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@jahanzeb.khn07, thanks for sharing your feedback! Could you share how much time you typically spend on a client’s app? We chose 50 days because it covers the majority of use cases, and we also heard that users sometimes invite multiple agencies/freelancers to audit the app as part of the hiring process. We wanted to ensure we didn’t give credit for that scenario. I’d love to learn more about your use case, so I just DMed you.