Archiving a data type entry with all its fields

Hey friends,
I’m trying to set up my crm to archive previously completed jobs to back up notes & job details from the user. However, I’m not sure how to set this up in the workflows. I need the archive to basically duplicate the data, with all its fields, change the archive field of the original to no, erase all changes on the original and reset to defaults, and set the duplicate archive field to yes, so the duplicate with all the changes from that instance is what saves to the archive and the original is reset to default for the next job with the same client at that location. I can easily do that. But how do I duplicate an entry in general? Maybe I just need to go to bed and I’ll feel silly when what im sure is an obvious answer comes to me in the morning… but in case it’s not as obvious and overlooked as I’m guessing it is, does anyone know how to duplicate data entries in the workflow?

Update: sleep helped. I realized exactly how silly I was being and saved the job as a new thing called archives. Duh.