Are CAD's really stolen?

Hey Bubble Users, I wanted to come on and ask this question that has been bothering me for a long time. Are CAD’s really stolen??? Has anyone even prove this has any gotten screenshots of this without photoshoping it. Maybe CAD Companies have reseller of the CAD’s and they can prove it the people that go around commenting on every singled little post saying “That’s a stolen CAD company” are just stupid and are just jealous have you proven that its stolen have you proven that they have no reseller, how about if you say that back it up with an actual screenshot showing it’s stolen. Cause if it was stolen you would know, that why I ask always so maybe before you assume get some backup pictures of it so if someone asks your proof you can actually show them instead of being a 5 year old kid and saying it’s stolen and than when someone confronts you and ask for photo evidence you don’t go and cry to your mommy saying this kid is bullying me. I can tell you right now Modern Solutions is one of the stolen CAD companies out there believe it or not same with Codurly they are stolen CAD companies, that’s all I hear from everyone but there is no evidence provide so shut up until you have actual evidence and I’m talking to you @nicpagonis and @marcusandrews like come on have actually evidence of it, cause I can tell you right now half of the companies that have CAD’s that are ‘stolen’ have reseller fro them so both of you Nic and Marcus stop being five year olds and actually grow up for once in your life cause you can’t tell you your not inmature cause you are inmature, stop standing there and being jealous about other company’s cause they are better than you and grow up it’s honestly rediculas. I can tell you right now everyone even @marcusandrews has boughten a ‘stolen’ product.

Isaiah B.


Technically no CAD is “stolen”. It is a very complicated area to address though because it comes down to 2 main factors: Age of user who “stole” the application and secondly, if the user gave consent for the application to be transferred or not.

Technically speaking, if you are under the age of 13 and are using Bubble, Discord or most other apps you are in fact violating the law, under the COPPA of 2010.

In terms of consent though, for someone to have “stolen” a app that must have either breached Bubble’s means of security, which is basically impossible therefore whoever "stole"said system would have had to have access the the owners Bubble account meaning consent was given to access said owners account.

To add, it is completely about to Bubble who they treat these “stolen” incidents because they have ownership over the platform and therefore all the applications on it.


Also try to be less toxic, just ask a question without allegations or attacks on people.

I just want to ask, why are you stating this now?

The guilty always blames the innocent.

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What is he suppose to be guilty for? If you are saying that the guilty always blames. Stop going to CAD Company’s cause you are a five year old and just want to show off to people. So than your guilty cause you are telling people they have stolen products?? You must be really guilty if you think he’s that stupid

I’m the 5 year old? The very fact that you’re replying to a post not directed in any way to you should show which one of us has common sense.

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