Are chats feasible under the new WU pricing system?

Before I dive into building a Slack-like chat on my site, I’d love to hear from those who have done it and currently operate a robust, feature-rich user-to-user chat on their site. Is this even feasible with the new WU pricing system? My spidy senses are telling me this may get pricey with so much data potentially being stored with noisy chats and maintaining any reasonable history (for my use case this is especially important).

Things I was thinking of implementing:

  • Chat message (duh). Each one contains text, a profile image of the person who sent it, and a date/timestamp at minimum.
  • Image(s) in a message.
  • 30 day history (minimum, but preferably closer to 6 months or longer).
  • Group and DM (one-on-one) chats.

That’s all I can think of for now for a basic chat, but with a reasonable number of users chatting (think a small business that uses Slack as their primary method of async communication), this sounds like it’d get unwieldy in terms of WU consumption

Anyone have any good insight here or design suggestions? Are there alternative, embeddable 3rd party solutions that may work?

It doesn’t look like something that will consume too many WUs to me. Of course, if you have 10000s of users, you need to monetize properly but there’s no reason why this can’t be done profitably on Bubble.

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