Are CSVs the only option...?

My app data is constantly growing as users are paying for new data each week, so I have to constantly upload CSV files.

I hate having to upload CSVs all the time, but at least that way I can feed data directly to the different data types. If I sync my data from an external source like Airtable, it feels like a lot of functionality is lost as it can’t flow directly into a data type…

Is there a way to have an external source that syncs directly to data types? How else can I feed more data directly to data types without the constant management and uploading of spread sheets?

There has to be a way besides uploading CSV files all the time.

Any help is appreciated!

Where is this data coming from and why is it in CSV format? Is it external in another database? Do they have an API (Webhooks) to send new data to your app? The user’s aren’t saving data directly in your app?

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