Are dropdown boxes really this slow?

In the attached gif file below you can see I’m just trying to set an option from a dropdown and it takes 50 seconds to select and fill 4 fields using a dropdown box. That’s nearly 15 seconds a box.

This page happens to have 158 items on it. That’s almost 40 minutes for something I’ve done elsewhere in about 5 minutes.

There’s nothing fancy about how it’s configured. I had it set to auto-bind but that is now off and it’s no different. In the gif, I’m selecting Other Income for each of the objects and then moving the mouse away after I click…the box lingers…painfully so.


Here’s a visual:

Optimise via better design

I think its a design issue. You are loading too many items at one go with dropboxes with repetitive static content. Maybe try option sets?

I should have mentioned that I started with the dropdown list as an option set. I was trying to find ways to speed it up and tried the static entries with no change in performance.

I don’t think I’m asking much of the system, at this link you can see an example of what I’m trying to perform and it’s working with no issue…not a Bubble app, but I’m not doing anything that should be too taxing:
Similar dropdown video - Link

James26, if you’ve got some thoughts about design, please share them, I’m happy to learn something, otherwise your comment just comes across as rude and unnecessary. I didn’t come here for snide remarks but help and support.