Are Separate Data Types (Template) Better For Performance?

I’m hoping for some help from any bubble performance gurus out there.

I have several data types (a typical task management app; tasks, groups of tasks, campaigns which are groups of groups of tasks, etc). I have a template which is a customized set of those items. The user can create a blank task management campaign or duplicate it from the template.

My question - Is is better for performance to keep the template as separate data-types (Template task, template task group, template campaign) or just keep it with the rest of the user tasks?

Currently when copying the tasks (when the user selects the template to start from) it does a search for the template (unique ID of the campaign template) and initiates the copy workflows. But it occurred to me with thousands of users and tasks, it might make more sense to have the template as separate data types so it can copy from there without searching thousands of records. That search time might also be negligible (milliseconds).

Any insight that could help me? Thanks!!

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