Are there logs for deleted record?

Howdy, all.

I seem to be missing a few records from my database. While I can easily put those records back from another table I’d like to know HOW they got deleted? By a workflow or by an accidental back-end database delete and what time.

Is there a way to find a log entry for this? I did search the log with a field from the row but no luck.

Yes, you can search the logs for this type of information. Go to “logs” and then “server logs” tab.

Thanks. I have looked for the word “delete” and I either have no results or its still searching in a 1-month range. It would be nice for it to say “searching…”. I previously had looked for a word from that record and had no luck.

Realized the search button on the side changes from date to ‘search’ when the search is completed.