Arrange on element tree


Is anyone here know how to arrange the element tree?
My element tree order is

Header (reusable element)

I am planning to change into this order
Header (reusable element)

Thank you!

Adjust the Y of icon to be 1 px lower than header.
For instance if header has a Y of 0. Make Icon -1.

No other way

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It’s not working :frowning:

You are right. It doesn’t work in all scenarios.

sorry to ask this, but please help
hello guys i am new to this plartfom.
can anyone please help, after creating an app with Bubble in wich channels or platforms will it be available. and if the bubble brand will appear in your app or it will look professional without their brand or links on it…

If I understand you correctly-

After creating an app with Bubble, it will be available online/web. If you want progressive web app or native app, you can do that by searching options in the forum posts.

Bubble logo will go away once you are on at least hobby plan / any other paid plan

yes that was my question…and wich domain or address i will be using to publish my app

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