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As a junior developer, how I got my first client on Twitter

After 70 days on Bubble, I got my first client last week with the help of my team members @edtyli9 and @hugolee :tada:

Looked back on my journey, I experienced some obstacles that probably some junior developers will meet. And I wanted to share my learnings with you.

How did I get started on Bubble

I started my Bubble journey in June 2022. There are many things you can learn about Bubble, from design and workflow to plugins. It is impossible to learn them all quickly. The first thing I did was to find an area to specialize in. I have the typical engineer trait – I am interested in how things work and sometimes forget how things look. When I come up with any idea, I will imagine how it works, and start to build it. Based on this I chose to learn plugins.

I didn’t have a particular idea that I wanted to build at the beginning, so my team members suggested me to start by trying to help others with a problem.

Here are some of the things I worked on:

By the end of my first month, I had built 11 plugins and received 50+ likes for my contributions on this forum.

My First Client

Inspired by Bubblers building in public, I decided to start sharing my journey on Twitter. Twitter was full of experienced Bubblers and I thought it would be encouraging for other junior developers to see someone like them.

With no follower at the start, I thought I would be tweeting into void for a while. I was stunned when my first tweet got 39 likes and 3 retweets! :partying_face: It was a complete surprise.

Comments like this kept me motivated.

I continued building on Bubble and sharing my progress on Twitter.

One day entirely out of the blue, I received a meeting invite. It was from a startup that just raised millions of dollars! I attended the meeting with @edtyli9 and @hugolee in case I need support answering any questions.

After the meeting and a few days later, I received a subscription notification!

It is tough to start in a tool that you are using for the first time. Sometimes, you may feel exhausted and directionless. I hope that my story can motivate you and that it can help you in your Bubble journey.

If you are thinking of starting your Build In Public twitter but can’t think of what tweets to post or don’t have time to post, comment below and I will help in any way that I can.