Asana or trello?

Hi! What’s better of the two? Trello or Asana?

Also, is there any plugin for those apps to connect it to a bubble app?

The two tools do different jobs, so it’s a bit hard to say which is better. What are you needing out of a tool like this?

  1. For my personal app development (tasks)
  2. For my business tasks with my teammates. (we are only 4)

I started using Notion last year. I find it an amazing all-in-one solution (Kanban board, team collaboration, note taking, agenda, database…)

@julienallard1 is there time-tracking on a per/task basis and how many layers of depth can you build - by this I mean ex: Layer 1 - project level, Layer 2 - Page level, Layer 3 - Process level etc. Each with tasks.

Yes there is. Notion works on a page basis. And a page can contain another page that contains several other pages. I don’t think there is a limit on levels.

Pages can also contain mini databases where you can configure the fields (columns) and apply customized filtering/sorting rules. So every row could have the fields “Employee”, “Actual Task” (which is a link to the entry of another database), and “Time”. You could then set rules to change what and how data is displayed.

You can create template pages so you don’t have to rebuild new pages every time.

Links are possible between databases, so you could have a list of employees, with their info and reference to them in another database (“Project management” for instance)…

Awesome! Just looked at it - @julienallard1 DM me your referral link if you want :smiley: I’m sure you can also post it on here since I asked for it so it’s technically not self-promoting :wink:

I love me some task managers. If I may spread your horizons

  • I can’t believe this tool exists. I use it with all my clients and spreads like a virus. If you’re a visual person (and slightly disorganized like me) it’s a great place to just throw ideas at the wall right next to your task board, add screenshots of inspirational sites, ideate on some other stuff. It’s incredible.
  • Notion: yep, yep, yep. Incredible tool, it’s a wiki, it’s a document, it’s a task board, it’s a database, it’s amazing.
  • Coda: open ended like Notion
  • Asana: extremely nice system they built up. AND you can see they are taking some hints from Notion.
  • Trello with swimlanes
  • Trello: well, it’s Trello

Haha! I’m just a regular user! I do not make any profit talking about Notion. Just the pleasure of sharing a great tool!

I’m a huge Asana fan! So much so we wrote a comparison piece between Trello and Asana.

If you need any help with working out connections between Bubble and Asana give me a shout as I have a platform that works well between the two!