Ask me to build any template! Ideas needed

Yes. I am looking for that kind of approach. Thanks in advance.

Thank you very much for your help. But I still need help with the auto fill feature of forms.

Thank you. This doesn’t have the auto fill feature to fill all forms.

Oh this is actually a template I built for @jgvelectrical instead. I’ll work on yours soon!!

Wow, this looks really good, I really like it a lot. Than you for putting this together. I’ll test it over the weekend. @edtyli9

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This is an awesome initiative. I really respect your enthusiasm and skills to build all these templates. I would love to add a new idea to your list. I want to build a SaaS tool similar to Yotpo in which clients can send automatic review request emails using the WooCommerce and Shopify API after a sale. Also, if phone number is available, send the same. The idea is to send automatic review requests and display them on a widget on their sites.

Is that something that can be done on Bubble? If so, would you please consider building a template?

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I have built an Airbnb-like home-sharing marketplace template. It should support student apartment sharing. I haven’t got around to the books/materials swapping part yet. Without careful design, it would make the UX quite confusing. Happy to explore this further if you have a particular design/idea in mind.

Features for travellers:
:white_check_mark: Browse by destinations
:white_check_mark: Advanced listing matching by city, number of guests, type of property, and price
:white_check_mark: Book by night
:white_check_mark: Nearby listings display
:white_check_mark: Booking confirmation page

Features for hosts:
:white_check_mark: Easily create listings
:white_check_mark: Easily add amenities
:white_check_mark: Drag-and-drop listing location on a map
:white_check_mark: Listing portfolio management

Demo and editor

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I just discovered your new Airbnb template, it looks awesome. Congratulations. I’m wondering if you’re willing to create a Mailchimp like template to create an email sending SaaS. I would love to use AWS to send the emails as it’s cheap but I’m not sure where to start.

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This is great! Is it possible to create a linktree clone? Just an idea for when you feel inspired and are looking for your next template project.

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Hey @Hustling-Labs. So the request here is only connecting WooCommerce and Shopify API to access to user emails, once the package is delivered, send an automatic review request email?

I’m looking for a TikTok clone :grinning:

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hey @talisman1981, I’ve adjusted my prev template to fit your use case. The way I do it is this, whenever the form detects specific questions like “Aircraft Serial Number”, “Aircraft Model”, “Type of Registration” etc. It autofills the information for the user.

Let me know if this solves your problem!

@Stackapp I have built a Linktree template! I am submitting it to Bubble as a template and will share the link here as soon as it is approved.

Here’s a link to the demo.

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Wow! That is incredible. You are quick!

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Ed! Thanks for this. Sorry its taken so long to reply, I have been sick for literally three weeks (with a toddler and 4months pregnant. Fun!) I am really looking forward to attempting to pull this together.

I definitely need to start small with some online tutorials I think.

Thanks again for your three suggestions! :smiley:

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Hey @emspurser, no worries and all the best! I would defo suggest you to watch some online tutorials or bubble documentations to grasp the basics. If you have any questions about the suggestions, please feel free to let me know!

Hi! Any update on this template please? I am looking to do this.

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Hi @chaddickson83, we are still open to ideas! What do you need?

Just after this link tree app.

We submitted the template to Bubble 8 days ago. Still waiting to hear back, unfortunately (they tend to take 2 weeks).