Ask me to build something for you!

Hey Folks!

I recently finished a 10-week Bootcamp and want to gain more experience in the no-code space. The next step in my journey is to start building web apps for people and that’s where I need some help from you guys. I can do both front end and back end, and I feel comfortable working in bubbles responsive engine however I do need some tangible work to put on my resume.

If anyone has some small jobs or projects that they need help on, feel free to comment down below!


Hey Tristan - Sounds cool. What’s your pay rate?

I built the initial version of my app, and with the new responsive engine out now I’d like to hand it over to someone that can turn it into “responsive” and keep it maintained. Wasn’t sure if you’d be interested in that…I’d rather spend my time talking to/onboarding users and have someone else design and build my site simultaneously.

Let me know if you’d like to do databases too.


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Hi Tristan, welcome!

I was just talking with tiplistre about another topic on the dificulty on having a calendar on a repeating group. That is, the same function as the native calendar, but one calendar per cell/row.

Example of this would be apps who need to display a team separetely, to control their calendar, drag and drop between them etc, or apps similar to airbnb’s management like the examples bellow.
Although from what I gathered, there’s other people (besides me) thinking the best way to do it, nobody got to a conclusion yet.

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