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Ask me to design a free logo for your startup/app

Hi all Bubblers!

I am a graphic designer (and a tech enthusiast). I have worked with companies and own university. I love startups and I am looking to learn more about the space.

I designed logos for startups here in Indie Hackers (IH).

I want to design a logo that expresses the value and mission of your startup. Just let me know the below about your startup:

  • Name
  • Website
  • (Optional) Value/Mission
  • (Optional) Color preferences

You can also share your app, I can create an icon for it.

On top of that, I’ll make a Sendgrid email template like product launch or promotion, so the only thing need to edit is the text. So if you like to use it, please PM me with your email and I’ll find a way send it to you.

I’ll try to respond to all your ideas, at least 1-2 per week.

Here’s my profile if you interested. I offer monthly subscription for logo design with email/app demo templates, social media graphics or building brand identity.



Learning every day a bit (with one puzzle, game, question)

Thanks for your idea. But seems the web page is loaded but nothing appears.

Think you can revamp a VTX logo for me?

The slogan is what VTX is, but I believe the wave in the back is a little much, and the actual logo could use a little oomft.

I’m a designer too, but when I create my own designs, my imagination is haywire. Hehe.

Nice visual effects. As you can see in my profile, mine prone to minimal, and I also have bootleneck quite often lol. Anyway, I’ll try to come up with an idea.

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Do you also make logos for Bubble plugins?

Would love to get a logo for this plugin:

May I ask what is VTX? Some details would be useful. Thanks

Community driven events - music & events

Here’s my idea, I thought of wordmark only (haywire imagination too), my approach was to make it look friendly. The round corners make the wordmark amiable, making it more like “community friendly”. Such bold font makes it stand out and impacting. I chose purple because I had reference photos about music events and other community events, they mostly have purple and blue tone, so purple can repsent community events and gives a party and lively vibe. Hope you like it.


I like it! Fat n Juicy.

Hey mate, do you do static logos?
my website is
You can see I’ve got a logo placeholder in there as it currently stands.

Something playful, fun and maybe football (soccer) related given my app is a game for young footballers. HEX of my blue is #045DE9

Thanks in advance! I appreciate it.


Thanks! I was afraid that it’s odd

Yes. Thanks for your suggestion. I have two versions, both are based on the iconic electronic wave effect of the Tiktok logo since this is an app inspired by Tiktok. So I used double arrows to symbolize swiping as they are like swoosh to a direction. Hope you like it.


Thank you!

Updated my plugin with the new logo.

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Glad you like it

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I’ll see what I can do.

Hi mate! I trust you are doing well and thanks for giving this amazing spend of your time! I have an app idea and working on the functionality at the moment so no real colour code just yet, I am building a esports matchup platform, I am dabbling with a few names too. GameOn, LetsGo or something to the like but nothing concrete yet. The style I like is a mix between grunge and the LIV Golf championship designs that recently was on. Also do like minimilast if you can come up with a few designs, I am giving tou total free reign here! :smiley:

Here’s your logo. I came up with the idae of combining Joystick and Football since this app is for kids/teenagers, the jotstick symbolize fun and playful. So this conveys this is a fun soccer game for the youth. Hope you like it.

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I have an app that deals with creating invoice for Safari(travel) companies in Tanzania

I’ll try to come up with an idea next week (2-3 days later).