Asset Management App to be Built

I need someone to build a simple Asset Management app. very similar to an inventory management app. I would like to use Airdev/canvas framework or something similar.

  • There will be 8 different asset types
  • Four parent assets (two of them optional)
  • Four child assets
  • Data model and data tables for each of the asset types is ready
  • There are also some reference data tables to be incorporated with the asset creating and edit process
  • Wireframes are ready for the pages to be developed (max 8-10 pages )
  • Home Page (public)
  • Dashboard
  • asset creation page
  • asset edit page
  • search functionality and search results page
  • full documentation is required

possible follow up work later.

timeline is flexible

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Hi @mustafakarali81,
I’ve sent a DM.

Hi Mustafa :wave:t5:

I’m a Bubble developer certified by Airdev :slightly_smiling_face:

I can build your app

DM me :wink:

Hi Mustafa,

I would like to help you with your App.
I’ve written to you in DM. Let’s hold a meeting and discuss the next steps.

Best regards,
Alex Uniwaid team